About Emily Estrella, the founder of SalsaDancingCourses.com:

About Emily Estrella

Emily Estrella SalsaDancingCoursesEmily is a professional Salsa dancer and have been dancing and teaching Salsa professionally for almost 13 years. She conducts classes in her dance studio at Leesville, LA. A trusted and dedicated teacher, Emily has helped hundreds of students learn Salsa in a fun, easy and relaxed way.

In the past 3 years of her life, she have harnessed her passions and creative energy to create a "home study" class for aspiring Salsa enthusiasts. This gave birth to "SalsaDancingCourses - The Complete Salsa Mastery" system which allows anyone to learn Salsa dancing from home easily and quickly through her step-by-step videos and private coaching.

In her down time, she enjoys cooking with her kids, exercising, the outdoors, discovering new music, and travelling. She also contributes time to local organizations that help those in need.

If you'd like to book Emily for a performance, please get in touch with her at the contact page.

Emily Estrella, Founder of SalsaDancingCourses
Professional Salsa Dancer & Certified Instructor
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